IT Consulting

Information Technology is a broad sphere that involves computer programming, data, and analysis. Information Technology Consulting is an activity of advising on how to implement IT for a successful business objective achievement. The consulting can be given on any issue that involves IT, including:
- Information Security
- Computer Network Architecture
- Computer Systems Analysis
- Vulnerability Assessments & Penetration Testing
- Security Audits
- Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Web Developement

We live in an era where the internet is now part of our everyday life. Every business in order to have a successful career, should have a professional website and web services, custom tailored for their own needs. Here comes the contribution of Custom IT. Studying the function of each client separately, we discover the real needs and based on these we construct a website ergonomic, fast, secure , covering all your needs and at the same time with the best aesthetic result. We create dynamic websites using our platform Custom CMS (PHP, MySQL, APACHE), with unlimited customization and control capabilities of the site and with the option of easy and low cost upgrades.

Software Development

Many times there are needs beyond a website. Whether this is a web application or an application for mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.). In Custom IT we study the function of each client separately, we discover the real needs and based on these we construct an application ergonomic, fast, secure, covering all needs.

Web hosting

In Custom IT we try to provide the best possible service to our customers, hosting our websites to high-speed and stable performance servers. In this way we can provide speed, safety and smooth operation on every website we build.

Visual Communication

The first impression of any website is the view on the visitor's browser. For this reason in Custom IT we believe that the foundation for the success of any website is an organized and complete corporate identity and the proper transfer of it on the web. Studying the function of each company and it's competition, we design a beautiful and functional website that earns the visitor from the first glance. In the absence of complete corporate identity we undertake to design it.

SEO Optimization

In Custom IT we believe that every website should be constructed in such a way that it appears at high position in search engines. For this reason we provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO), all those procedures that need to be made to the structure and content of a website in order to be as friendly as possible to search engines. The ultimate goal is a high ranking website and increase website traffic through organic results, ie results of Internet users searching on search engines with keywords (keywords) relating to the content of the website.

Internet Marketing

A website is online 24 hours a day and has a global reach. For this reason it has to compete with thousands of other websites that have the same goal / customer with you. For this reason it is not enough to get a properly constructed website, but should be promoted in the right way. In Custom IT we study the function of each client separately, we discover the real needs and based on these following a specific methodology and strategy, we increase traffic and therefore the success of the website.